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Gitzell FairTrade International was started from a suitcase of souvenirs. Life took a different toll when the Zellipah, owner,  moved to Pittsburg Kansas as a student. With the souvenirs she saw the opportunity where she could support the artisans back in her home country of Kenya where she grew up weaving. A skill she obtained from her mother.  Working with artisans in Africa is both rewarding and socially ethical.  Gitzell partners with  each artisan group with what they are already crafting and helps improve  the quality to meet the global market needs. We  pay a fair agreed upon price. Artisans use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Capacity building is also our strength. We work with artisans to develop different ways of  adapting to the changing market. It  was no different when COVID-19 pandemic hit. 


Gitzell carries a selection of baskets, home décor, Jewelry and more. 


We are both wholesale and retailers.


Gitzell is  proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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"Beautiful , I was buying my baskets at another place on line they were triple the price"


—  Pattie, Facebook Customer