Weavers pride is rare and unique pot design bolga market baskets handmade by weavers in West Africa, Ghana, in Bolgatanga village. From ancient times to the present times with weaving art dating over 300 years. All round design baskets with a single handle across like these are called market baskets. It takes a large amount of natural grass, straw, leather, Kinkahe grass (Bolgatanga Elephant Grass), time, and skillful thoughts to complete a Bolga market basket. They first gather 100% natural elephant grass and split strands in half weaving over for days to finish one complete basket.

Our Pot design market Bolga baskets come in 2 different colors tones and trim on the leather handle. They are Large Bolga baskets measuring approx 12-14" wide by 15-18" high (not all are identical as are they are all handcrafted). They come in 2 tones Natural dye-free and Navy Blue with different designs & patterns that spell out elegance, pride, and beauty. Hence the name “WEAVERS PRIDE” Colored baskets are permanently food dyed while rich gold (natural color) is dye-free.

They are durable and stay fresh all year. They last and maintain shape for years. They are resistant to all weather and maintain its shape and color for many years. If you need to "reshape" your basket, gently mist with water and reshape by hand, then allow it to dry. Keep the handle dry. Shipped from USA made in Ghana and will arrive flattened. Instructions will be included.

Mainly used as planters, for storage, centerpiece, fireplace décor, Wedding gift, wine storage, farmers market, to store towels, pool or bathroom basket, toys organizer, knitting projects, magazines, or bathroom accessories, yarn, fruits, and all your goodies. Take it on a picnic or a beach tote. Uniquely beautiful.

You will receive one of this POT Design Bolga African Market basket (2 Tone)

Bolgataga weavers often use their weaving income to educate their children.

BUY NOW support these weavers. Fairly traded product

"Bringing relaxation and joy to your home!"

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