HANDMAND-- Each design is its own unique work of garden art. Handmade on the beautiful island of Bali. Our Fair trade windchimes Coconut bamboo chimes are handmade from 100% natural bamboo manure wood stalk plant from Bali and shipped from the USA.

We have 2 sizes Top to Bottom LARGE 34-42" and SMALL 30-33 inches long chimes

They have UNIQUE AND PEACEFUL, RELAXING DEEP NATURAL SOUND. The sound vibrates longer and not annoying. Great for outdoor wind chimes for loss of loved one, yard decor, porch decor, zen decor chimes


HUMMINGBIRD Chime for healing, love, good luck, joy, adaptability BUTTERFLY Chime for freedom, beauty, new, and change

TRIBAL chimes for bravery, courage, hope, happiness, strength, belonging

FIRE BURNT CHIME HALF coconut top for freshness and a new beginning, **Each design is its unique work of art.

  • DEEP SOOTHING SOUND wind chimes; soothing sounds that calm your nerves as the wind blows. The long calm sound is produced by the size of the windcatcher and the full coconut head. Great gifts for retirement home patio decor, porch, vocational home decorations
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, QUALITY PIECE OF NATURAL CHIME: Our chimes are cured to retain ad sustain their shape and sound over years in any weather. They do not rust but may break if mishandled. We guarantee a 101% hassle-free product purchase that comes with mind relaxing sounds satisfaction.

Butterfly Whole Coconut Bamboo Wind Chime-Large


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