African Market Basket -Wing  shopper (Colors Vary) 1 EA

African Market Basket -Wing shopper (Colors Vary) 1 EA


This is wing shapped basketd also comes with embroidery measuring 23 inches across. The two handle is very popular as a shopping tote.

The basket is washable and collapsible.  Each one is euniquely hand woven in Bolga Ghana.

The two handle is very popular as a shopping tote, beach bag, market bag. 


*** YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT BASKET WITH EXCEPTION OF COLOR DIFFERENCE*** Ask if need color change -based on availability. (Colors Vary) 1 EA


🌾We believe in promoting the livelihood of ethnic weavers from Africa.


We take pride in their talents by buying their uniquely weaved art at a fair trade and sustainable market prices so the artisans and their families can earn a decent living. GITZELL FAIR TRADE INTERNATIONAL is a member of the Fair Trade federation.


🌾 These Wing Market Baskets also nown as U shaped shoppers
have existed throughout history in West Africa Ghana. From ancient times to the present with art dating over 300 years. It takes a large amount of natural grass, time and skillful thoughts to complete a wing shopper market basket. They first gather 100% natural elephant grass and split strands in half weaving over for days to finish one complete basket. Colored baskets are permanently dyed while rich gold is dye-free. SINGLE COLOR Natural Wing Market Baskets spells out elegance and beauty. Some believed it brings good luck to the person who possesses it.

They are mainly used as a wedding gift, farmers market basket, home deco baskets, and planters basket.

♻️They are resistant to all weather and maintain its shape and color for many years.


We have several beautiful single color baskets to choose from including

✔️natural color basket (Rich Gold basket)

✔️Navy Blue basket, (looks like black)

✔️turquoise basket

✔️Yellow Basket

✔️Orange Basket

✔️red basket

✔️Green basket

Slight variations in color, size, and pattern should be expected as no basket is identical.

🌾 Our LARGE African market baskets MEASURE 16"x6"x10" (LxWxH) with smooth handles and a firm base 6-7". They are deep enough and durable to hold your daily nifties.Dimensions may vary an inch or so


Makes a decorative sturdy piece for in or outdoor home decor or as an African shopping tote or African straw beach bag for anyone.
all-natural Bolga African basket

Bolgatanga weavers bring colorful joy to your home. Buy Gitzell Fair Trade Bolga basket NOW and help promote the African weavers and make someone happy. Stay safe.

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